Biozeus has established a stringent process for evaluation and selection of new projects, which is based on scientific, intellectual property and market criteria. Projects in all therapeutic areas and indications are sought, subject to meeting selection criteria.

Reducing failures early in development is critically important in order to prevent much more costly, clinical trial-stage failures. Developmental drugs usually fail in clinical trials because they are not effective or they are unsafe. In both cases, inadequate early-stage target validation is often the cause. Our scientific evaluation emphasizes target validation and rejection of drug candidates where it has not been demonstrated.


        Currently we have two projects in an advanced stage of development with great              potential to become reference medecines for  type I and II diabetes, obesity and               cancer/rheumatoid arthritis.

Timeline Developing Project

Indication: Type I and II diabetes and obesity

BZ 043 is a novel amilinomimetic, which is in development as a fixed combination with long action insulin ( BZ 43 A) as well as short action insulin (BZ 043 D) for treatment of diabetes and as a single product or in combination with GLP-1 (BZ 043 B), for treatment of obesity.

Indication: Cancer and/or Rheumatoid arthritis

BZ 068 is a oral, drug acting on activated fibroblasts, with potencial application in cancer an rheumatoid arthristis.