The unique BIOZEUS business model and structure allows taking on a portfolio of promising early development projects, to confirm early data and generate proof of concept in animals and from there, advance them to the clinical phase. 

As BIOZEUS works with a portfolio of projects, the company can terminate projects fast if the data are not promising enough, without putting the company at risk compared to biotech companies focused on one technology. This strategy allow risk mitigation and a very capital efficient development approach, as the company is not centered on one technology.

BIOZEUS develops a portfolio from different therapeutic areas, selected based on high medical need, scientific and commercial criteria and global intellectual property (IP).



          BIOZEUS has currently 3 compounds in active development, of which one is a                    platform technology, split into three subprojects with different indications. 

         All projects and subprojects address high medical needs with high commercial                  potentials.

Timeline Developing Project

BZ043: Type 1 and 2 diabetes and obesity

BZ 043 is a platform of novel amylinomimetics with improved physicochemical and pharmacokinetic properties, overcoming the limitations of human amylin. BZ043 enables the pharmacological use of human amylin as well as fixed combinations with long-acting insulin (BZ043A), with short action insulin (BZ043D), and with GLP-1 analogs (BZ043B), for treatment of diabetes and obesity, both areas with high medical need and a growing health problem.


BZ068: Rheumatoid arthritis

BZ 068 addresses key medical needs in Rheumatoid Arthritis through its unique and novel disease-modifying mechanism of action. BZ068 acts inhibiting synovial fibroblast migration, invasion, and activation, as well as T-lymphocytes proliferation, without causing immunosuppression. BZ068 has a favorable pharmacokinetic profile allowing oral administration. BZ068 would add an exciting new treatment option for Rheumatoid Arthritis and potential other follow up indications.


BZ371: Erectile Dysfunction

BZ371 is a topical gel that causes penile erection by increasing NO production. BZ371 targets the 36% of patients with erectile dysfunction not attended by PDE-5 inhibitors (non-responders, contraindicated, drops outs) or patients where an enhancement of the effects of PDE5- inhibitors is desirable. An estimated 2.48M of patients in USA alone belong to this group left with only very unattractive and not very effective treatment options (painful intracavernous / intraurethral injections with side effects), or as ultimate option penile prosthesis. Due to its specificity to penis and ideal permeation, BZ371 is considered a safe option for erectile dysfunction treatment.