The selection of commercially viable drug candidates and advancing their development
toward worldwide markets is a complex and challenging task that requires people with a broad
range of different qualifications and drug development know-how.

Juliana Novaes


Project Analyst

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Biologist graduated at Fluminense Federal University (2005). Masters degree in Biological Sciences (Physiology) at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and a doctorate in Biological Sciences (Biophysics) at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Has experience in Physiology, Biophysics and Cell Biology with emphasis in Neurosciences, acting on the following subjects: retina, hippocampus, neurodegeneration, cytokines, Prion protein, copper metabolism and
cellular signaling and has held positions as Adjunct Professor I in the following Higher Education Institutions: Souza Marques Educational Technical Foundation (2009-2013), Veiga de Almeida University (2016-2017) and Petrópolis School of Medicine (FMP / FASE). Is currently part of the Biozeus Research group since 2019 and acts as project analyst in the development of new drugs.