The selection of commercially viable drug candidates and advancing their development
toward worldwide markets is a complex and challenging task that requires people with a broad
range of different qualifications and drug development know-how.

Thomas Gerlach


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Thomas studied Chemistry and Biology and earned a PhD in Biology from the University of Mainz, Germany. In 1991, after several years of research at Michigan State University, USA, he joined the pharmaceutical industry and worked in various countries and positions in R&D, marketing and sales. At Knoll Phamaceuticals (BASF Pharma), Germany and Novartis, Switzerland, he led global cross-functional drug development teams as well as life-cycle management and brand defense and in-licensing and co-promotion activities. Joining Actelion Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland, in 2002 as one of the first 60 employees, Thomas was heavily involved in the development of bosentan and contributed to the growth of Actelion to Europe’s biggest biopharmaceutical company, sold in 2016 for 30 bi US$ to J&J. In 2002 he founded Actelion Brazil and served as the President of the company until joining in 2011 Burrill Brasil (later became FinHealth), a venture capital company, focus in life science. Thomas was essential for the foundation and creation of Biozeus by FinHealth in 2012 and serves as director at Biozeus as well as FinHealth.