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BZ043, a novel long-acting amylin analog, reduces gastric emptying, food intake, glycemia and insulin requirement in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

Our compound BZ043 was the subject of a recent research paper about its properties in the control of Diabetes Mellitus.

Amylin analogs are important adjunctive drugs in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. However, dual therapy with insulin involves inconvenient multiple injections. Here we describe a novel n-terminal PEGylated human amylin analog – BZ043 – and it’s potential to improve the control of glycemia using lower doses of insulin.

BZ043 showed a prolonged anti-hyperglycemic effect and, together with GLAR, promoted a long-lasting normoglycemia, in vivo. We conceive that combining BZ043 and GLAR in a fixed-ratio co-formulation might conveniently improve the control of diabetes mellitus.

Full paper here: