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BZ371 – Erectile Dysfunction project receives investment from the Clínica Urológica de Belo Horizonte

The new drug under development aims to support the treatment of patients with prostate cancer to maintain penile integrity after prostate removal surgery. The Clínica Urológica de Belo Horizonte and its associates, including 43 urologists, evaluated the results achieved and the potential of the new drug, and decided to join Biozeus and to co-invest in the development of the project. The BZ371A originates from the research performed by UFMG, with support from FUNDED and FAPEMIG. The project was licensed by Biozeus in 2017. His patent is already granted in the main world markets, including Brazil, United States, Europe and Japan. The product, to be applied topically, is able to increase the blood flow in the penis without causing any side effect on the rest of the body. Its use will allow the rehabilitation of sexual function after surgery to remove the prostate, which is considered one of the most extreme cases of erectile dysfunction. Clínica Urologica and its associates are a relevant reference in the segment. Their experience in daily practice allowed them to recognize the medical need to be met by the new drug under development, as well as the relevance of the results generated so far. The investment reinforces the cash needed for development and, even more importantly, validates the new drug and the thesis led by Biozeus, which will continue in the administration of the process, starting to count on the advice and support of the new partners to take the first Brazilian drug for patients around the world.