Mission & Strategy


Biozeus is a drug development company founded in 2012 with the backing of a Brazilian venture capital fund. Our mandates include:

  • To develop new drugs to improve and save lives of patients, worldwide;
  • To be the Brazilian leader in the translation of academic discoveries into new medicines;
  • To bridge the commercialization gap in Brazil between promising research discoveries and new drug introductions by bringing together publicly funded health research, government and private investment and the pharmaceutical/ biotechnology industry.

We address one of the biggest challenges facing the life sciences sector today:
How to translate commercially promising health research conducted at the university level into new therapies that reach the market and improve and save lives.


Biozeus has built the financial and management infrastructure, including the scientific and business expertise and professional project management skills required to identify, license and develop promising discoveries in human therapeutics. We leverage public and private sector funding to support new product development from early preclinical stages through phase IIa clinical trials for licensing by pharmaceutical/ biotechnology industry partners.

The drug development process, from earliest stage discovery research through to commercialization of a new drug, is long and costly. Although universities excel at discovery research and identification and validation of lead compounds, they need partners to advance development beyond the early stages. In most cases no partner is found and development stops.

Our strategy is to bridge the gap between universities and pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Biozeus:

  • In-licenses lead compounds discovered and developed by Brazilian universities through discovery to preclinical (or later) stages;
  • Conducts preclinical studies, makes regulatory submissions and conducts clinical trials through phase IIa;
  • Out-licenses phase IIa (sometimes earlier stage) drugs to international pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

We play
a central
role in
new drug

  • Selection and in-licensing promising Brazilian academic projects according to stringent criteria;
  • Expertise in translation of scientific research into human drugs;
  • Funding (coordinate multiple private and public funding sources);
  • Experienced project management;
  • Reach out to potential pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry partners/ licensees.