Technology Transfer Office

Biozeus works in close partnership with technology transfer offices of Brazilian universities and research institutes, in accordance with provisions of the Innovation Law regulating the relationship between university tech transfer office and private companies.
We develop relationships with tech transfer offices in the spirit of mutual cooperation and a shared vision of success. The first step in partnership is consummation of a confidentiality agreement between Biozeus and the university, which guarantees that the process will be secure and transparent and enables free and complete exchange of information.
Biozeus analyzes selected projects abtained from technology transfer offices in depth, with input from the researchers who performed the word and proposed the project.

biozeuspartners withtech transfer

At the conclusion of the analysis, we share the decision with the tech transfer office and the research team, either:

  • Biozeus would like to develop the project because all analysis shows great promise.


  • Biozeus will not develop the project. The reasons for this decision will be provided.