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PnPP-19 Peptide Restores Erectile Function in Hypertensive and Diabetic Animals Through Intravenous and Topical Administration

Congratulations again to the Biozeus team, this time for the publication on the effects of BZ371 (PnPP-19) on dramatically improving erectile dysfunction!

“PnPP-19 may become a new drug able to fill the gap in the pharmacologic treatment of erectile dysfunction, especially for hypertensive and diabetic individuals RESULTS: PnPP-19 potentiated corpus cavernosum relaxation, in both control and SHR rats. SHR-cavernosal tissue treated with PnPP-19 (1-32 Hz) reached the same relaxation levels as control Wistar rats (16 and 32 Hz). PnPP-19 treatment improved cavernosal tissue relaxation in STZ-diabetic mice and rats. PnPP-19 enhanced cGMP levels in STZ-diabetic mice corpus cavernosum strips. After topical or intravenous administration in rats, 123I-PnPP-19 was mainly recruited to the penis. When topically administered (400 μg/rat), PnPP-19 restores erectile function in STZ-diabetic rats, also improving it in healthy rats by increasing the intracavernosal pressure/main arterial pressure ratio. PnPP-19 exhibited an additive effect when co-administered with sildenafil, showing a novel mode of action regardless of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibition.”

Full Paper here: