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Project BZ371 for glaucoma – New paper published!

UFMR team, represented by Dr. Carolina da Silva, Professor Armando Cunha Jr and Prof Maria Elena de Lima, published a new paper regarding the effect of one Biozeus peptides in glaucoma. Another brilliant work from UFMG researchers!

The compound is able to reduce the intraocular pressure and also act as a neuroprotective agent!

” PnPP-19 showed no toxicity, being safe for ocular application. A single topical instillation of one eye drop of the peptide solution was able to reduce IOP, both in healthy and ocular hypertensive rats, for 24 hours, without eliciting any apparent toxicity. PnPP-19 is a nitric oxide inducer and the results suggest that it may improve the conventional outflowof aqueous humor (AH), preventing the progression of optic nerve degeneration.”

See the whole paper at