The selection of commercially viable drug candidates and advancing their development
toward worldwide markets is a complex and challenging task that requires people with a broad
range of different qualifications and drug development know-how.

Gabriela Westerlund

Project Analyst

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Gabriela is a Biologist with emphasis in the biomedical area, graduated from the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) and the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain. She holds a Master’s degree in Nuclear Biosciences (UERJ) and a PhD in Clinical and Experimental Pathophysiology (UERJ). Part of her doctorate was performed at Institut Pasteur, Paris, where she deepened her knowledge in genetic engineering of pathogenic microorganisms. After her doctorate, Gabriela worked for 3 years as a postdoctoral researcher and visiting professor in the Department of Cell Biology at UERJ. She has expertise in the areas of proteomics, pathogen-host interaction, immunology and inflammation. Gabriela joined Biozeus in 2019 as a project analyst and is currently in charge of coordinating the projects under development in the Biozeus pipeline.